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Are you interested in taking Chado lessons?

Our instructors are certified by Chado Urasenke headquarter in Kyoto.

Please visit Our Instructor page for more information.

If you have general questions about Chado lessons, please send your questions from Contact Us page.


Frequently Asked Questions
May I take a trial lesson?

Many of our instructors provide opportunities to participate and observe a lesson before becoming a student. Please ask the instructor.

I don’t know anything about Chado, and I don’t speak Japanese. Can I still start Chado lessons?

Absolutely! We are happy that you are interested in learning more about Chado. Our instructors provide all level of lessons including for beginners. We have many Chado practitioners who’s first language is not Japanese.

What materials do I need to have for Chado lesson?

Most of these materials can be borrowed from your instructor at the beginning.

  • Fukusa (silk cloth)
  • Kobukusa (patterned silk cloth)
  • Kaishi papers
  • Sensu (folding fan)
  • Kashi-kiri (small utensil for sweets)
What is the proper attire for Chado lessons?

Please wear comfortable clothes as you may be sitting on tatami mats. Traditionally, Kimono is appropriate for both women and men, but if you don’t own one, business casual with white socks is appropriate. You may want to avoid wearing jeans due to possible damages to tatami mats. Skirts/dresses with the length covering the knees when sitting are appropriate. Please avoid wearing jewelry, watches, and strong perfume.

What is the cost for lessons?

The cost for lessons varies per instructor. Please ask for the information from each instructor.

What is the recommended age for a child to start Chado lesson?

There are no age restrictions, however, Chado lessons require sitting calmly for extended length, and handling tea utensils. Please check with the instructor to see their recommendations for each child.